Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Hidden Treasure

Tonight my office, the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau held a "Sip n Social" event which is meant to bring our partners together with others in the community for a fun and realaxing evening of networking and socializing. This specific event had a holiday theme and was held at the Hotel Pattee which is in Perry, IA (Northwest-ish of Des Moines, about 45 minutes away)
This was the first sip n socialize I was participating in with the office because we had not had one yet this semester. I believe normally they have a good turnout with the number of people that show up but with the weather getting more unpredictable and the hotel being further out of the way, not as many people seemed to show up and most people knew eachother. So, in analyzing this event I would say there are certain factors that can affect the turn out of an event an organization might hold. Weather is a factor to take into consideration although not something a planner can do much about. Also, a location that is easily accessible and one that is well recognized or with a good reputation will attract a bigger and possibly more diverse crowd.
Ok, I was going to add a picture of the hotel here but it won't load so I'll add it in my last post.
With all that said however, I very much enjoyed the event! The food that was provided was delicious and the hotel offered us all tours of the hotel. I didn't know much about Hotel Pattee until on the tour my coworker turned to me and said "this place is so cool because every room is different!" and it turned out to be true! There were rooms named in honor of famous people who had stopped through the town and famous Iowans along with cultural rooms that represented the state. The picture you see is the two-lane bowling alley located down in the basement. The hotel is extremely unique in all it has to offer! I asked our tour guide if I could buy a room...

Kaitlin D

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I feel your pain with the weather. We had an event this past weekend and some people (including my parents) did not come because of the unpredictable weather. The hotel you are talking about sound awesome, I love hotels with unique character!

Tamra G.