Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's been real, and its been fun...

...and of course, it's been really fun. Oh! And I got my picture loaded from my last post!
It feels so strange and sad to be writing my last blog post and knowing tomorrow we have our last class together. (And yikes! My group is presenting on alternative energy tomorrow! - I'm the 'good' kind of nervous... I think)

Well, I guess I'm taking this last blog post to talk about how much I love(d) my internship. I sincerely learned a lot, met a lot of great co-workers had some fun along the way. At times I'm really shocked at the amount of business/office/marketing knowledge I learned throughout the semester. I also didn't realize my internship was going to get me more addicted to what we in my office call 'social media'. Suddenly I find myself with twitter and foursquare accounts in conjuction to my facebook account...

I think my internship also gave me confidence to continue to learning to further professional opportunities. If I would have resisted trying new projects or not being proactive in asking questions I probably wouldn't have gotten the most out of my time in Des Moines.

I'm am very nervous to see what's in store for me next. I'm still torn between Des Moines and Iowa City (went to Indianapolis weekend... liked that place too...) and while I haven't found a job yet I've been applying for many in both cities so I am hopeful. As long as I don't move back in with Mom and Dad, I think I'll be okay!
Great job this semester everyone! It was fun getting to know everyone! Good luck in the future!!
Kaitlin D

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